SNAP 2013 Best Preparation Books and Tips

If you are self-studying, the earlier you start to prepare the more well-prepared, pressure less and confident you be. Focus on preparing all the sections equally to get through the paper. Each section is important and only then you can attain high percentile by scoring correct in most. SNAP preparation guide section wise is as follows:

  • Having inclination towards maths, Quantitative ability and Data interpretation section often involves twisted questions asked in diverse ways. One needs to learn from the basics and practice continuously. When you cross hurdles of solving all kind of miscellaneous questions, your emphasis must divert to attaining the required Speed while maintaining accuracy. In addition, all the formulae must be learnt by heart without confusing yourself.
·         English and Vocabulary cannot be learnt in a day. To have a hold on this section English grammar & basics must be known by heart, even if you have to borrow books from you younger siblings. The clarity must be given to speech, forms etc for which SNAP English preparation books could be your assistance. Simultaneously, vocabulary needs to be enhanced. Words and idioms must be crammed on a regular basis. Relate & Deploy them in use in your oral skills, this way they can be learnt without forgetting their meaning. A cheap and most rewarding source to prepare for this section is to read English Newspaper on a regular basis. The Hindu or whatever you wish to subscribe you may, it will not only improve your vocabulary but will also prepare you for general awareness section all the while.
  • Logical Reasoning section is often experimental for the paper setters. This section needs a lot of practice to get an idea of diverse form of questions that can be asked. With acute alertness of mind and practicing till perfection can save your time in exam. The more you practice, the more you would be able to relate question with the ones you practiced and can hence solve them straight,.
  • General Awareness questions are random and something that cannot be prepared in a day or even a week, just as vocabulary. This section needs constant attention in order to score high. The key is to commence reading in advance and try to keep yourself well-informed of General Awareness For SNAP.
Business Awareness must be highly focused on by management students. The source could be regular comprehension of business newspapers as HT Business, Economic times etc. One can always reach the company websites to obtain member’s name for SNAP preparation online.

Below are some of the best SNAP Preparation Books

The Pearson Complete Guide to the CAT by Nishit K Sinha 

 Trishna's Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT and Other MBA Examinations by TIME
                                                 Quantitative Aptitude by R.S Aggarwal
                                Data Analysis and Logical Reasoning for CAT by MbaGura
                      Target New CAT - Past (2005 - 2010) + 5 Mock Tests by Disha Experts

Top Civil Services Exam Reference books and Study Materials

There are array of civil services preliminary examination books that will help you in preparing well for this exam. Some of them are as follows –
a.    For general science  you can refer to class IX and X books
b.    Advanced science books that are published by Tata McGraw Hills
c.    For current news papers like The Hindu, The Economic Times, and The Times of India
d.    Magazines  and periodicals like Frontline, Business Today, Business Outlook, and Yojana
e.    Competitive Magazines like Chronicle, Competitive success review, and Pratiyogita Darpan
f.    For History and Indian National Movement like Class IX for Contemporary India, India and Contemporary World I, and India and Contemporary World II
g.    Indian History book published by V.K . Agnihotri
h.    Indian and World Geography books like Fundamentals of physical geography, and India Physical Environment
i.    Class XI books for beginners for Political science books and political theory
j.    Class XII Indian constitution
k.    For economics Indian Economy for Civil Services Examinations by M.Laxmikanth.
l.    The other books are Our Constitution , by D.D. Basu, Our Constitution, and Our Parliament both authored by Subhash C Kashyap, Indian Polity For UPSC: 3rd Edition by M.Laxmikanth.

Civil Services (preliminary) exam. Study Materials
Some of the useful civil services (preliminary) exam. 2013 study material is as follows –

Crack Civil Services Studies IAS Prelims exam, published by Disha Publication

Handbook for general Studies for UPSC Civil Services published by Spectrum Books

IAS Mains General Studies Chapterwise Solved Papers 2011-1997

UPSC Portal Current Affairs (2012 - 13) BY Sachchida Nand Jha

CAT Exam Sample Questions | Verbal Ability Books | Free Downloads

Each sentence below has one or two blanks. Each blank shows that something has been omitted. Under each sentence five words are given as choice. Choose the one correct word for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentences as a whole.

1.    Despite assorted effusion to the contrary, there is no necessary link between scientific skill and humanism, and quite possibly, there may be something of a - between them.
a.    dichotomy
b.    congruity
c.    reciprocity
d.    fusion
e.    generosity

2.    For many young people during the roaring twenties, a disgust with the excesses of American culture - a wanderlust to provoke an exodus abroad.
a.    reflected
b.    stymied
c.    conflicted with
d.    overwhelmed
e.    combined with

3.    Each of the following questions has a paragraph from which the last sentence has been deleted. From the given options, choose the sentence that completes the paragraph in the most appropriate way.

Most people at their first consultation take a furtive look at the surgeon’s hands in the hope of reassurance. Prospective patients look for delicacy, sensitivity, steadiness, perhaps unblemished pallor. On this basis, Henry Perowne loses a number of cases each year. Generally, he knows it’s about to happen before the patient does: the downward glance repeated, the prepared questions beginning to falter, the overemphatic thanks during the retreat to the door.

a.    Other people do not communicate due to their poor observation.
b.    Other patients don’t like what they see but are ignorant of their right to go elsewhere.
c.    But Perowne himself is not concerned.
d.    But others will take their place, he thought.
e.    These hands are steady enough, but they are large.

Verbal Ability Sample Questions Free Download

Top 3 Verbal Ability Books for CAT 2013 Exam


CAT Quantitative Aptitude Sample Questions

Quantitative Ability Sample Questions
All the questions will be asked from Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry

(1)    A shop stores x kg of rice. The first customer buys half this amount plus half a kg of rice. The second customer buys half the remaining amount plus half a kg of rice. Then the third customer also buys half the remaining amount plus half a kg of rice. Thereafter, no rice is left in the shop. Which of the following best describes the value of x?

a.    2 = x = 6 
b.    (2) 5 = x = 8
c.    (3) 9 = x = 12
d.    (4) 11= x = 14
e.    (5) 13 = x = 18

(2)    Four concentric (having the same centre) circles with radii, x, 2x, 3x and 4x are drawn to form two rings A and B as shown in the figure.

Ratio of the area of inner ring A to the area of outer ring B is
a.    1 : 2
b.    1 : 4
c.    2 : 3
d.    3 : 7
e.    None of the above
Ans: D

(3)    If 3/p = 6 and 3/q = 15 then p - q =?
a.    1/3
b.    2/5
c.    3/10
d.    5/6
e.    None of the above

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Sample Questions free download

Below are Top 3 quantitative aptitude  Books


CDS Exam | Free Sample Questions Asked

CDS English Previous Test Paper Questions
The objective-type questions can be asked from a comprehensive paragraph, rearrange the sentences, replace the phrase, fill in the blanks, edit or find grammatical error etc.

Which of the phrases A, B, C, D, E is appropriate to go with the given sentence.
-    To reduce costs, we should replace our current system by much efficient one.
A.    Through more efficient
B.    Efficiently by
C.    With a more efficient
D.    For better efficiency
E.    No correction required

You are given Four alternative meanings to each of the following Idioms / Phrases. Choose the most appropriate.
-    For Good
A.    Seriously
B.    Temporarily
C.    Permanently
D.    For a good cause

CDS English Previous Paper Free Download

To practice till perfection Objective English by Thorpe Edgar proven helpful.

CDS General Knowledge Previous Test Paper Questions

Among the following states which one was formed last?
A.    Andhra Pradesh
B.    Gujarat
C.    Haryana
D.    Rajasthan

Who among the following was not elected for the two terms as the speaker of lok sabha?
A.    G.M.C Balayogi
B.    N. Sanjiva Reddy
C.    Bali Ram Bhagat
D.    Bal Ram Jakhar

CDS General Knowledge 2012 Model Paper Free Download

To get hold of the general awareness and current affairs, Concise General Knowledge Manual 2012 by Barry O’Brien is advised. This book has most things covered keeping in mind the SSC syllabus.

Study Package for CDS by Atul Bhardwaj is also another reliable learning resource.

CDS Maths Questions
The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 10/3, then the numbers are:
A.    3, 1/3
B.    3, -1/3
C.    -3, 1/3
D.    -3,-1/3

What number should be added to 231228 to make it exactly divisible by 33?
A.    1
B.    2
C.    3
D.    4

CDS Maths Previous Paper Free Download

Scoring highest is possible with Maths section, it need your concepts to be well cleared with a speedy solving aptitude.
To know the shortcut methods highly helpful to solve faster in exam, you can refer Mathematics For C.D.S. Entrance Exam by R.S Aggarwal.